Memorial Park to receive new playground equipment

Congratulations to the Weiser football team on winning another state playoff game! Good job!  And good luck at Sugar-Salem this week!
 Sunday Cathy and I had a very interesting lunch date with another couple. The four of us have all known each other since high school and began reconnecting off and on a few years back.  Sunday was the first time we had really had a chance to talk at any length. Lunch lasted for four and a half hours. But this was not the main reason we had gotten together. 
 Last year Cathy and I had attended a Christmas concert at their church in Boise where medieval Christmas music and instruments were played.  This year, since I had played trumpet in school, I was asked to play the medieval corneta, which looks like a small clarinet with a horn mouthpiece and holes instead of valves for making the notes. 
 We got together for lunch in order for him to bring the horn and explain how to play it.  
 If you know anything about playing a trumpet, the sound quality is directly related to the muscle tone surrounding the lips. It has been years since I have picked up a trumpet and tried to play. As you can imagine, the sound I made left much to be desired. I’ll keep working on it, but for this year’s concert I will be doing well to play a few whole notes.  Please keep me (and the audience) in your thoughts and prayers.
 Awhile back I had mentioned that the City had submitted a request to the Idaho Department of Commerce for Federal CARES Act funds to replace the playground equipment in Memorial Park. The playground equipment may not look like it, but it is around 20 years old and is reaching the end of its useful life. The City has had to replace sections of the slides that have broken. 
 It seems outlandish but each of those sections cost around $7,500 and are getting hard to find. In looking at the equipment, it was apparent that the framework was also showing its age and may soon be unsound.
 Last week, we received word from the Department of Commerce that the City was awarded $250,000 to replace what is currently there. This seems like a lot, and it is, however, about 30 percent of the funds will be used to assemble the equipment paying federal wage scales. The City cannot assemble the playground without assuming the liability for any accidents caused by any mistakes in the assembly process.
 Another 10 percent will be used to administer the grant by a Certified Grant Administrator since Federal Funds are being used.  
 There is no match requirement on the City’s part for the $250,000.  The total cost to the City will be a net amount of $2,000 for paying the grant writer.  
 Also, this equipment should last longer than 20 years. The plastics now in use have improved from 20 years ago. Also, we are told the color of the plastic makes a difference in the effect of UV light on the material. So, the color of the equipment will probably be green or blue which should help it last even longer.
 The City is unsure when we might expect the new playground will be in place. It will all depend on the contractor bids and the chosen contractor’s schedule.
 The original intent in seeking a grant for Memorial Park was to construct a sidewalk around the park for a walking path, upgrading restrooms, and to provide table tennis, corn hole, and other activities for teens. However, in looking at what we had, it was apparent that replacing the playground equipment was the greatest need.  
 The City will continue to seek funding to pay for sidewalks, restrooms, and activity equipment.  The City may be eligible for a similar grant next year. 
 As it is, we are grateful to receive the funds to replace and improve the existing facilities.
 Well, that’s it for this week. Go Wolverines!


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