Mayor Hibberd running for re-election

Dear Editor:
 You may be surprised, but I support Mayor Hibberd’s run for re-election and this is why…
 While Mayor Hibberd and I have not seen eye to eye on many issues, how many of those issues have had a negative impact on the operation of our city? The
only issue that truly impacted the citizens of Weiser was his handling of the pandemic. However, we made it through, and I believe that knowing what we know now, I believe and hope that he would have handled things differently.
 Let’s hope that regardless of who is mayor of Weiser, that is a challenge that is never faced again. Besides, if it does, the citizens of Weiser will do what we did last time. Ignore the mandates and live our lives because we know best for ourselves and our families.
 What I want in a mayor, or any person serving Weiser, are individuals who care about Weiser, the citizens and most of all, the financial strength of our city.  
 Mayor Hibberd, with his financial background and acumen, is a good manager and he does care about us but may show it in ways that we don’t understand. That is what I want in a mayor. I don’t need my elected officials to be my moral compass or for that manner, to be well liked. I need my elected officials to keep the city running smoothly at minimum expense. Mayor Hibberd and his team have done that.
 As with any election, there will be many candidates. Candidates who have not attended one city council meeting, have had no interest in the workings of our city, but someone told them they should run. It’s interesting to me that with exceptions, the unsuccessful candidates from our last election have not shown up for one city council meeting. 
 One would think that someone who ran for public office would still want to be involved, even if that involvement was just as an observer. I guess I think differently than most.
 So, when you look at the candidates this year, look for those who have been involved. Look for those who have taken the time to gain knowledge of how our city works. Look for those who have been part of the process by attending city council meetings. Look for those who have passion and are willing to take a stand.
Christina Marie Stanley
Weiser, Idaho


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