Follow-up to county’s public hearing

To the Editor:
 This is in response to the front page article in the March 8 issue of the Weiser Signal American newspaper about proposed county code changes.
 The article says there were suggestions to do away with the county’s planning and zoning commission altogether.
 I was one of those.
 I lived in rural Idaho County, where they did that over three decades ago. It is zoned “MULTI-USE” and I never saw a problem. But in the article it says that “Commissioner Nate Marvin said the county necessarily must have a planning and zoning commission.”
 I disagree.
 It seems from all the meetings I’ve attended that two of our commissioners want to unnecessarily CONTROL the people. 
 Commissioner Marvin also said in the newspaper article, “We can’t go backwards.”
 Again, I disagree.
 We NEED to go backwards to what the founding fathers had in mind for property owners in this nation. They made it abundantly clear the people deserved private property rights, without the heavy hand of the government telling rural landowners what to do, or how to do it. 
 As I see it, planning and zoning, along with two of the commissioners might be willing to take their “boot” off of the people’s neck, but still want to keep their boot on the people’s shoulder
Rick Kiesz


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