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Mayor Randy Hibberd
I was reminded of the need to stay in shape this weekend. I knew I had not been exercising as much as I normally did. I was half-heartedly getting some exercising now and again, but not the way I should. 
 So, despite this, when our daughter wanted to schedule an overnight backpacking trip for her birthday, Cathy and I of course said yes. We met up with our daughters and grandsons in Horseshoe Bend Saturday and drove about 12 miles east of Loman to Ten-Mile Creek.
 The weather was beautiful, the country was great, the terrain wasn’t bad, there was a hot spring at the end, and of course, the best part was spending time with the family. 
 It is fun watching the ways the boys find to entertain themselves; finding rocks to slide down into the hot springs, looking for woolly worms, attacking their dad when he wasn’t looking. The boys are old enough now that they can carry most of their own gear. They are starting to get self-sufficient and are such a pleasure to be with and to watch them develop both physically and mentally.
 However, I felt less self-sufficient because I had let myself get out of shape. Carrying a 35-pound backpack is not as fun when you are not prepared. Also, I was a little less fun to play with because of my lack of energy. Lesson learned. That is motivation for me to get back into the exercise routine.
 Now to move on to City topics.
 Timbra Long, Weiser’s librarian extraordinaire, would like to let you know about a new reading program coming called “Let’s Talk About It.” The purpose of the program is for people to read new books then meet and discuss the books with other readers. It is a great way to meet other people and explore ideas. 
 The way the program works is like this. The program is limited to 25 people. The library will receive 25 sets of three different books over a three-month period. The first book, “The Best We Could Do,” is read by each person. Then the group meets to discuss the book. A professor from Boise State University will be there to lead the discussion and possibly point to aspects of the writing that the reader may not have noticed. The leader is well versed in each of these novels and should be able to provide significant insight into each of the authors and their stories. (Don’t worry, even though it is a professor leading the discussion, there are no grades.)
 At the end of the discussion the next book, “Verge,” is then passed out and the process is repeated. The final book is “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.” 
 Each of these three award-winning books are on entirely different subjects and in different styles. 
 If you are open to experiencing something new in your reading, or are interested in meeting other people, or simply would like to do something different this fall and winter, please contact Timbra or any of the librarians at Weiser’s Public Library located at 628 E. First St. or call at 208-549-1243 to reserve your place in what should prove to be a very interesting reading experience.
 Well, that’s it for this week. The weather is great right now to get out and exercise. And yes – I will be taking my own advice.


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