City fire hydrants will be flushed out on May 21 for maintenance

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Some of you may know that ever since I became Mayor, I have been carrying two cell phones – one personal and one for City use. I keep the City phone next to my bed at night just in case of an emergency. 
 Up until Sunday night, I had not received any such calls. Sunday was when I received word that a City employee and his wife were involved in a motorcycle/deer accident. The wife did not make it and the employee had to have emergency surgery. I wish I had adequate words, but I don’t. I would like us to remember this employee and the family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this very difficult time.
 I guess we will move on to City news.
 Bill Taylor, the water department supervisor, wanted me to let you know that on Tuesday, May 21, the water department crew as well as helpers from other departments will be going around and flushing the fire hydrants, which is done annually. Opening the valves flushes out any sediment that may have accumulated in the lines. It also is a check to make sure the hydrant and valves are working properly. 
 You may see a temporary decrease in water pressure due to the hydrants being open. However, this is a small inconvenience in return for the knowledge that water is clean and readily available in the event of a fire. 
 Speaking of water, the water tower rehabilitation project has been completed and the tower is back online. You may recall that this is the water tower on the corner of Valley View Drive and McGinnis Drive. The total project came in at just less than $1,500,000. The useful life on this 54-year-old tower has been extended another 50 to 70 years at a cost that is 20 percent of the cost to replace. So, with the weather at last turning warm, there will be plenty of water for flushing the fire hydrants and taking care of all summer demands. 
 By the time you receive this paper, a couple of streets will be closed for boring projects. 
 West 3rd Street, where it crosses the railroad tracks will be closed for about two weeks to bore a new wastewater main under the tracks to reach the Treasure Valley Farms expansion and Jim Reed’s RV Park. Treasure Valley Farms will be paying for this project. 
 The other boring project will close East Commercial Street between E. 6th Street and Highway 95 for about two and a half months. The project will place a water main and private wastewater line under the Weiser River to the new Maverik store under construction on the southwest side of the Weiser River Bridge. It will be very interesting to me to see how the boring and piping process works. This project will be funded solely by Maverik. 
 The one other thing to mention this week regards the Indianhead pathway. In an earlier article I had stated that the portion along the golf course driving range would be asphalt. The advantage of asphalt is it would be less expensive, not require the installation of a drainage system, and no curb and gutter needed. Also, if Indianhead Road were widened in the future, eliminating the asphalt, and creating a concrete sidewalk to align with the height of the road would be a simple matter, but expensive. 
 I was a bit surprised when I saw the crew setting forms for concrete. It turns out that I hadn’t kept up to date with the plans. 
 Concrete was used for durability and permanence. If Indianhead Road is ever widened, a detached curb and gutter with drainage will be installed. The sidewalk’s height was set so that widening the street would not require significant adjustments to the crown in the road. Drainage will be fine with the walkway as is.  
 Also, the gap will allow greater safety for the pedestrians using the sidewalk. And … the asphalt pathway would not need to be removed to install a concrete sidewalk. 
 I apologize for misinforming you about this issue earlier.
 Well, that is it for this week. Please keep our employee, your employee, in your thoughts and prayers. Have a good week!


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