Beware: Idaho is a target

Dear Editor,  
 If you haven’t already, you’ll soon hear about, Rank Choice Voting (RCV) and the Article V Convention of States (Con-Con). 
 RCV is endorsed by “Establishment Elites” in Boise. It’s an extremely confusing way of voting where you “rank” candidates in order of preference. It’s designed to take constitutional conservative candidates out and get socialist candidates in office. BAD idea. DO NOT support it.
 The Con-Con is promoted by outsiders Mark Meckler and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, who jet in to “woo” our legislators so they’ll sign-on. They make tons of cash on this agenda. 
 They claim new amendments will be added to the Constitution. Nothing’s wrong with our Constitution. We don’t need new Amendments – Politicians don’t follow them now! New Amendments won’t change that. 
 The DANGER is opening a Convention with everything on the table, and our U.S. Congress in charge! This will put our First and Second Amendments at risk. The “Establishment” and “the Left” would love that.
 Washington D.C. “Leftists” and the “Establishment” are targeting Idaho. Don’t support either of these proposals, unless you want Idaho to become another California, Washington, or Oregon.
Carolyn Kiesz
Midvale, Idaho


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