Be a responsible pet owner, spay or neuter your pets

Dear Editor: 
 Weiser has a problem. It is a problem shared with every town and city in this United States, and even, I am sure, the world. We have too many stray animals, both cats and dogs. We have too many kittens every year, and too many puppies. 
 Who doesn’t like kittens and puppies? People say they just want their kids to see that “one litter of kittens” or that “one litter of puppies.” But then you have to give them away, and you don’t know if
they are cared for, whether they are adding to the population because they were abandoned, or females not spayed, or more commonly, males not neutered (not your problem, right?) More than 3.7 million animals are euthanized in the U.S. each year because of unspayed and unneutered cats and dogs.
 So what to do? There are those who just shrug, who don’t care, those who would just like all the strays euthanized. And then there are those who would like to help, but don’t know how. 
 We have people in this town who are trying to alleviate the problem, but who need help, who need a town working together. Not trying to make it harder for those who are putting in the work to try to solve our dilemma, humanely.
 I seriously buy lottery tickets (I know, I know, it’s a faint hope) with the idea that if I won enough, I could buy property somewhere where people wouldn’t complain about a facility, and build a no-kill dog and cat shelter where EVERY animal that came through the doors and went out again would be tested for disease, spayed or neutered, have shots, and go to a good home. Where I could set it up so the people in charge had a salary to take care of these animals, where the city could also contribute (since they would not have to be euthanizing animals) and they would have a place for the true strays to go, where someone whose animal was picked up could find it again (neutered or spayed if the owner could not afford it) and where our problem and our handling of it reflected who we are. 
 Gandi said “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 
 Think about that. Right now, donations of food for our animal caregivers is helpful. How could we set up a fund for neuters and spays for people who already have pets they can’t afford to “fix”? How can we find property and come up with donations to set up a no-kill shelter for our community? A Go-Fund me? A fund set up at a local bank? Could we come together to discuss what could be done?
 I remember years ago a group in Weiser coming together in a meeting to discuss what could be done about the city problem of strays. And it still is a problem. People who don’t have cats or dogs or don’t like them don’t need them coming into their yards, so people need to be responsible. 
 One woman at this long ago meeting stood up and said she just got rid of them – never mind how – and that solved her problem. And if some of those she got rid of belonged to someone? Not her problem. 
 That was really hard to hear. I refuse to believe we are that kind of a community. I think we can do better.
 If anyone has any bright ideas of how to help, please send them to
Liz Mowrey, 


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