Administrative state take-over

 We The People (WTP) of these United States of America have been handed a Nation that is, and has been, the envy of the world; as Ben Franklin once answered a citizen, “We have a Republic, if YOU can keep it”
 Mr. Editor, we all know there was not even a thought of Admin-State, and it is not in our Constitution, which Mr. Franklin referenced. In addition, our national debt has soared to some $34 trillion. 
 So, here we have two examples of the utter failure of WTP, yes sir, we the citizens of the various United States, who are constitutionally responsible for the sovereign. Administration of the USA; study the Preamble and Article I, sections 2 and 3 of our Constitution. You question the use of sovereign? Every second year, WTP possess the power to replace every member of the House of Reps plus 1/3 of the Senate per our Constitution. 
 This procedure was provided as a club or cudgel for WTP to convince our representative governing officials to obey the wishes and/or interests of their employers, WTP.
 Since Jan. 20, 2021, the Admin-State has dictated just about every aspect of our governmental policies of administration. 
 Our Congress has the power, but not the will, to stop this transgression in its tracks. Our Congress transgressed the supreme law of the land when they created the administrative state in 1946 and since have changed those statutes into a shadow government. 
 The federal Congress has essentially shirked much of their constitutional duties, like writing laws, disciplining the other branches of government, as well as themselves for usurping more power than is constitutionally delegated. 
 The path our Republic is on will quickly dissolve our constitution and our republic; and the “every second- year election” is only 8 months from now. 
 Hence WTP have just a short time to “hem and haw” about whether to side with those looking for hand-outs, or consider the vast advantages of prolonging our constitution and our republic by refusing to grant re-election to the “establishment congressional turn-coats” of any and all political persuasions. 
 May our Lord and Savior have mercy on the U.S.A.
Ralph Wilson


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