Weiser store front contest this week

As long as there have been store fronts, there have been magical, inspiring window displays representing every iteration of a child’s Christmas dream and, for many, a run leading up to Dec. 25 is incomplete without them.
 At one time, it was the best way for businesses to inspire awe and wonder; the energy almost palpable as dozens of kids pressed against a pane of glass, the only barrier separating them from the one thing they knew in their hearts would make them happy for eternity.
 It is part of what has made Christmas over the centuries, for many, truly the most wonderful time of the year.
 That’s why the Weiser Signal American has launched its Best Dressed Business contest, to bring back a little of the warmth and excited anticipation of Christmases gone by.
 The contest is an opportunity for our local businesses to tap into the nostalgia by showing off those windows and store fronts, just in time to kick off the holiday shopping season.
 Saturday, Nov. 26 is the decoration deadline, with the winner receiving a 6-month advertising package valued at $1,200 for the local nonprofit of their choice. 
 The package includes print ads in the Weiser Signal American’s printed newspaper, as well as website advertisements to begin January 2023.
 Help our community flourish and thrive during the holiday season by keeping shoppers here in our local community.
 Businesses wishing to participate in the contest must register with Sheri Smit. You can contact her by calling (208) 550-7203, or by email at ads@signalamerican.com.


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