New sidewalks coming to Weiser

Last summer, the City of Weiser was awarded a $250,000 grant that will be used to fund new sections of sidewalk along Indianhead Road, State Street, and other portions of walkway in Weiser.
 The project was set into motion about a month ago when the city council approved $50,900 for Keller Associates in Boise for design and construction support services for sidewalks and pedestrian pathways to complete connectivity through what is described in city documents as Weiser’s Indianhead Pathway corridor.
 Currently, some sections of sidewalk exist but there are missing pieces in various places throughout the area.
 “They will be engineering it to go along Indianhead Road but also down State Street and then connecting over to the bike path at Memorial Park,” Weiser Mayor Randy Hibberd told the Weiser Signal American. “Also, they will be bringing it further down State Street to the Weiser Christian Church, so we have a walking path all the way downtown.”
 The project was funded in part by Idaho state grant money awarded during the 2022 application cycle of the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council’s Children Pedestrian Safety program. No federal monies were contributed to the project.
 “There probably won’t be enough money to do all of it, so we’ll end up doing it in phases,” Hibberd explained. “We’ll probably go for grants for other parts of it, but it will be mostly complete, which will make it easier for getting those other grants.”
 Eventually, he added, the city would like to extend the sidewalk from Weiser High School to W. 9th Street, so pedestrians can loop all the way downtown.
 Hibberd said design should be completed next spring, possibly in March, and that construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2023.
 The project is divided into the following segments:
 • Segment 1: Infill sidewalk behind existing curb along Maclean’s Garage frontage.
 • Segment 2: Install new sidewalk behind existing curb and pedestrian ramps at crossings from Park Drive west to State Street (US-95 BUS), just south of Howard Ave. (one side of road).
 • Segment 3: Install new asphalt, curb and gutter, pedestrian ramps and crosswalk markings at slip lane along the east side of State Street (US-95 BUS) from Howard Avenue to Hillcrest Avenue.
 • Segment 4: Install new sidewalk behind existing curb and gutter along Hillcrest Cemetery frontage.
 • Segment 5: Install extruded curb and pathway striping along Rolling Hills Golf Course frontage.
 • Segment 6: Install detached sidewalk along the north side of Indianhead Road from golf course to Ali Lane.
 • Segment 7: Install attached sidewalk to existing curb and gutter along Indianhead Estates and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Seminary properties.
 Hibberd said the project has been on the city’s wish list since at least 2007.


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