Leather artist graces Arts and Crafts show

The annual Holiday Arts and Craft Show was held last weekend at the Vendome Events Center in Weiser.
 Sponsored by the Four County Art Guild and Friends of the Library, the event attracts vendors that are highly talented in a variety of niches.
 One new vendor, Arthur Reynolds, was on hand to show what he can do with a simple knife and a piece of leather.
 Using what appears to be a custom X Acto blade, he has the unique ability to carve any number of images or characters custom to the clients he serves.
 “I was trying to find something to do that was a challenge and this turned out to be a challenge,” he said of a leather fob he designed for a guy he met at a Highland Games event. The intricate work depicts symbols of the Scottish clan of his ancestry.
 At the craft show, he displayed coaster-sized pieces of leather depicting characters from the 1964 television holiday special “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.” Some of the characters include the infamous “Bumble,” as well as “Sam the Snowman” and Rudolph himself.
 “It takes skill and a lot of practice,” said Arthur who set up next to wife Monica’s booth at the Friday and Saturday event. Monica runs Anne Serra Craftworks, featuring custom crochet, knitting, sewing and jewelry.
 The couple moved to Weiser about two months ago and have since set up shop inside The Cobbler-Boot and Shoe repair, located at 534 State Street in Weiser, where he does leather tooling work for owner Tony Odoms.
 “I’ve been experimenting with color changes,” said Arthur whose various pieces magically change color when rotated under the lights.
 “I was shocked, but I got one to do seven different things,” he continued. “Two tone – easy; three tone – almost easy, but I continue to experiment.”
 Arthur is a retired lieutenant with a federal law enforcement agency, but is skilled in wood and metal work.
 He and Monica, who has a teaching degree and previously lived in Weiser as a child, said they are happy with their choice to move to Weiser. Arthur said he is also happy that he found Tony.
 “He is an amazing cobbler; he’s helped a lot of people,” he said. “People will come in with boots that someone else messed up, and he can fix it.”


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