Former Family Medical nurse joins Magnolia House

Whisper River Med Spa is now open in Magnolia House Salon and Spa, located at 190 E. Main Street in Weiser.  
 Owner Andrea “Andi” Wheeler is hoping to improve the overall health and lifestyle of her clients as she brings a variety of new services, including Botox and IV therapy, to the Weiser area. 
 Magnolia House offers hair color, cuts, pedicures, manicures, nails, eyelash, extensions, and perms, as well as men and kid cuts.
 Wheeler has been a nurse for 20 years, previously working in Weiser Memorial Hospital’s emergency department and most recently at the hospital’s affiliate service provider Family Medical Center where she served as a nurse practitioner for four years. 
 While employed with Family Medical, she gained the trust and admiration of colleagues and patients, but decided she wanted to devote more time to loved ones.
 “I have chosen to pursue a different career path in order to spend more with my family,” she said in an Oct. 3 statement. “It’s been my pleasure to serve my patients and their families, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Family Medical Center. I will miss my colleagues and patients, but this is the best choice for me and my family at this time.”
 In May, she was recognized by Weiser Memorial Hospital as its 2022 DAISY Award recipient, a patient-nominated honor that recognizes recipients not only for their clinical skills and extraordinary care and kindness, but for their ability to go above and beyond.
 One patient described her as a “shining light in one of the darkest times in my life. She was so much more than just a nurse to me – she was my strength.”
 In her work in the medical industry, Wheeler treated patients for depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other issues caused by stress and its effects on the body. In looking for a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, Wheeler discovered the benefits of IV infusion treatments.  
 Wheeler learned that IV vitamin therapy can help ease the suffering her patients experienced. She found through her research that when customized vitamins and minerals are administered intravenously, there is a 90 percent absorption rate versus the 50 percent absorption rate through oral supplements. 
 Independent research has shown that IV therapy can help with depression, fatigue, migraines, weight loss, and preventing illness. The more Wheeler learned about the therapy options, the more her interest grew. 
 “Life is hard and stressful, I really want people to feel better as a whole,” she told the Weiser Signal American. “If I can help with their energy level and confidence, I can make a big difference in their life.”
 As she began to look into more ways she could help her clients feel better, both internally and externally, one thing led to another, and she found more services that could boost confidence and energy while improving the overall quality of life for her patients. 
 Along with IV therapy, Whisper River Med Spa also offers nano-needling, micro-needling, dermaplaning, hydrating facials, intramuscular injections, and Botox. Through these treatments, she can help with a variety of skin issues including chronic dryness, acne, age spots, fine lines, and scarring. 
 Wheeler said the work has already been incredibly rewarding: it still requires the one-on-one patient care that helped her fall in love with nursing, and clientele response has been fantastic, helping her feel even more confident that she can help each of them improve quality of life and overall health. 
 As a nurse practitioner, she is able to offer customized and individual treatments tailored to each client’s needs. While each service does require an individualized consultation, she is able to offer same-day treatments. She can also make referrals to other medical specialists and work in conjunction with other medical treatments. 
 Wheeler shared that opening her spa inside Magnolia House offered a great partnership. She said that owner Allison Gamble and her team have been fantastic to work with, and the salon is a beautiful space that is inviting and relaxing. The partnership offers a benefit to customers because they can receive multiple services and get an IV infusion while they get their hair or nails done in the salon. 
 The location is also ideal. 
 Many of Wheeler’s patients from Family Medical Center were already customers at Magnolia House, and she is looking forward to being able to continue those relationships. She will also be able to set her schedule to still be able to work as a PRN and fill in at the clinic. 
 Wheeler received her training in Boise and is excited to be able to continue to offer the best and newest practices right here in Weiser. She also hopes to be able to expand her med spa services in the future to meet the needs of the local community.


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