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Philip A. Janquart
Tears rolled and a grateful smile swept across her face as Washington County commissioners on Monday signed a letter of support advising against the use of genetic biologic “vaccine” platform technology as applied within the child vaccine schedule.
 For almost two years, Laura Demaray, an area health professional, has worked tirelessly to prompt action against an alleged experimental gene therapy platform, labeled a “vaccine,” that was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
 While Demaray expressed distress over all of those infected by the virus and the lives lost, she said that current vaccines are doing irreversible damage all on their own.
 They are purportedly responsible for tens of thousands of injuries and deaths across the U.S. since they were rolled out in 2020 under federal emergency use authorization and a significantly truncated clinical testing period.
 The letter describes the technology as, “more injurious than any other vaccine mechanism in U.S. history,” citing at least 30 deaths, 103 permanent disabilities, and 33 cases of myocarditis, two of which are children 5-17 years old, in the State of Idaho.
 In addition, the letter claims that the total number of deaths across the country are under-reported at over 18,000 and over 17,000 disabled.
 “According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), CDC total reports show over 36,000 deaths and over 67,000 permanently disabled individuals, and over 27,000 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis, since their release in 2021,” the letter stated.
 Demaray said it has been a long road in exposing the vaccines for what they are and that only recently have people begun to speak out publicly despite being intimidated, ridiculed, physically threatened, or threatened with losing their jobs for refusing to take the vaccine.
  1.  “This is history … it’s history,” Demaray told commissioners Nate Marvin, Lyndon Haines, and Gordon Wilkerson after they signedthe letter, styled after an official resolution, titled, “Washington County Resolution to Advise AGAINST Use of Genetic Biologic ‘Vaccine’ Platform Technology On the Child Vaccine Schedule Until Forensic Investigation, Idaho Health Audit, and Transparent and Accurate Informed Consent.”
     The resolution, in part, cited adverse effects to adults, children, including unborn children, increasing miscarriages, menstruation, and fertility, and that “multiple labs demonstrate that Pfizer and Moderna’s misbranding, adulteration of consumer products, substandard products, and substandard and under-powered clinical trials may violate consumer product protection statutes and informed consent, as well as multiple other laws that regulate pharmaceutical safety in the State of Idaho.”
     Demaray and a rapidly increasing number of Idahoans – many of them claiming injury following what is commonly referred to as the “jab” – want the vaccines, in the least, to be taken off the child vaccination schedule until the mRNA-based product can be properly vetted.
     The child vaccination schedule is the CDC’s (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended immunization schedule for individuals 18 years and younger. Doctors follow a schedule for vaccines from birth, citing their level of effectiveness at certain ages.
     Currently, the COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for children six months and older, the CDC stating that it is “safe for children.”
     Washington County is the first in Idaho to sign a letter of support against the vaccines, public officials effectively casting doubt on the “safe and effective” claim. 
     In conclusion, the letter states that “Washington County of Idaho supports life affirming legislation and laws, and declares Idaho Adults and Children, including the unborn, have the right to normal cell growth.”
     Included in the letter are over four pages of sources and citations. You can find the full letter by visiting the Signal American website at 
     Though symbolic in nature, Demaray said the commissioners’ action on Monday is the first step among the “lesser magistrate” toward a formal stand against a product said to have been hastily introduced into the populace.
     Backed up by leading professionals in their respective fields, Demaray first presented her case to commissioners last summer, with live testimony provided by renown American cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist, Dr. Peter McCollough; Florida ObGyn specialist and researcher, Dr. James Thorpe; molecular biologist and toxicologist, Dr. Janci Lindsay; former pharmaceutical R&D executive, Sasha Latypova; and board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole.
     All attended the regular meeting via Zoom, offering their professional perspectives on the true nature of the vaccine, how federal law was circumvented to allow its classification as such, and the short- and long-term physical effects on the body, as well as the human gene pool.
     The vaccine continues to bemarketed, officials stating that it is “safe and effective.” 
     The CDC posted on its website on Nov. 3 that “The safety of COVID-19 vaccines has been rigorously monitored and evaluated since their emergency use authorization in December 2020,” that the “updated mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for 2023-2024 are manufactured using a similar process to the previous vaccines,” and recommends that “everyone ages six months and older get an updated COVID-19 vaccine to protect against serious illness.”
     But a growing number of medical professionals and researchers refute the CDC’s claims, stating that the vaccines are anything but safe and effective.
     “They cause cardiovascular damage, myocarditis, promote heart attacks, and sudden death,” Dr. McCollough, in part, told Washington County commissioners. “They cause strokes and intercranial hemorrhage, blood clots in record numbers in both arterial and venous systems, and immunologic problems. We have great concerns because these are long-lasting genetic shots … It is my opinion … that all the COVID-19 vaccines are not safe for human use.”
     According to Dr. Lindsay, there were two processes utilized to develop the vaccines: the first, called process 1, is a synthetic process allegedly used for clinical trial and the other, process 2, was used for “scale up,” or for distribution to the masses.
     “They could not scale up making it the synthetic way in such a short time period, so they used a different process, and this process uses a bacteria infected with a DNA element that self-replicates,” she told the Signal American, explaining that Pfizer and Moderna informed the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) they were going to also use process 2 to manufacture the vaccines on a large scale.
    “This is highly unusual; you don’t use a completely different process than what you tested people on originally and license it,” she said.
     The science involved is confusing but, in a nutshell, process 2 utilized simian virus 40 sequences that are cancer-causing and target cells.
     “Simian virus 40 sequences should never, ever be used in any medicine in humans because it is an oncogenic virus; it’s a cancer-causing virus,” Dr. Lindsay explained. “They put three different sequences from this cancer-causing virus into the plasmids. One of them is called the nuclear localization signal and it takes DNA straight to the nucleus where it can integrate. The other one is a promoter, which allows it to replicate in human cells. Now, if you are just making this for scale up, if you are just copying, it shouldn’t have any ability to replicate in human cells or go to the nucleus of human cells – they added that. Why?”
     She said that 10-35 percent of Pfizer shots contain the cancer-causing plasmids.
     “This isn’t just a little bit of residual contamination, this is an ‘Uh-oh’ in the manufacturing process,” Dr Lindsay said. “Under normal conditions, these shots would be pulled immediately, but they are ignoring it,” she said.
     The explanation apparently lies in the federal government’s declaration that the vaccines are an Emergency Use Authorization medical countermeasure, which allows manufacturers to skirt the federal law regulating investigational biologics.
     According to Sasha Latypova, investigation and clinical trials are not applicable to the emergency countermeasures.
     “They are countermeasures ordered and funded by the Pentagon and shipped through BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority),” she said. “BARDA is similar to DARPA, except it technically resides within the HHS (U.S. Health and Human Services) … If you read their website, they say they are a government funded/think-tank/science/support/accelerator for all kinds of products. 
     “Many products have already been put through this mechanism and this is basically a subversion of all the pharmaceutical and regulatory and manufacturing laws we have for food and drugs, and creating a federally funded, federally controlled, essentially unregulated [system] under the pretense of, ‘these are just for emergencies.’”
     The unregulated products and their manufacturers, Latypova claims, are covered by a blanket of liability protection under the PREP Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19).
     The story goes much deeper, but for now Demaray is circling her wagons around the children of Idaho, one county at a time, approaching the “lesser magistrates” who have the power to respond on a local level.
     “This has been a lot of work, but I am so grateful to our lesser magistrates who have the strength and the fortitude to protect our children,” she said. “My thought is, one county is a statement; two counties is a movement, and I have three more that want to hear this resolution.”
     Look for future follow-ups in the Signal American.


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