Weiser Recreation Department moves to Vendome

Philip A. Janquart
The Weiser Recreation Department has moved its office.
 Formerly located within Weiser City Hall on West Idaho Street, the office is now located at the Vendome Events Center, located around the block at 309 State St., south of the Metropole Coffee Shop. 
 The space was previously occupied by the Weiser Chamber of Commerce. 
 Through a previous agreement, the chamber was responsible for showcasing the Vendome and making reservations for its use.
 “I think the chamber had a different vision of what they wanted to do … so we are just utilizing this space in a city building,” said Weiser City Clerk, Natasha McDaniel who was on hand Tuesday, July 18 to help move office furniture, files,   and other items. 
 Weiser Recreation Director Ken Anderson said the move means a better situation for employees.
 “The chamber moving out has opened up all that space and so the city came to us and asked what we thought about moving over there,” he said. “I don’t like change, but it’s going to be nice because there is a lot more room.”
 Mayor Randy Hibberd said that it makes sense to move the recreation department to the Vendome and that department staff will now handle showing the facility as well as making reservations.
 “The original agreement was that there would be someone there to both fulfill the needs of people wanting information from the chamber, but also to book events at the Vendome,” he said. “They made the decision that being in that office did not fit their purposes anymore. They wanted to do their business a little differently; they didn’t want to be tied to an office.”
 Chamber president and Peoples Furniture co-owner, Sally Frye, confirmed that the chamber has indeed decided to go in a different direction in terms of its director, but was not yet ready to offer more details.
 “They wanted a full-time person in that office ... and we have just decided that is not the role we see our director going,” she said.
 More information about the chamber’s future plans will be made available in a future issue of the Signal American.


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