Weiser Public Library has fun programs planned this summer

This last weekend, Cathy and I once again watched our grandsons. We had lots of fun playing games, building boats, playing monster attack, watching movies, setting up their sleeping bags, (which is about a 45-minute adventure), having a picnic, playing in the park, and ending with playing in the water outside. So much fun – and so much exhaustion when they leave.
 In City news this week, Southwest District Health sponsored “Walkability Training” a few weeks ago, at the Vendome for Weiser. There was a wide variety of people and organizations attending, including interested citizens, the Fire Department, Weiser Memorial Hospital, City Council members, local business people, the City Street Department, District Health, and a member of Safe Routes to School. 
 It was very interesting training involving not just sidewalk quality, but also what makes walking comfortable, safe, enjoyable, and useful. Some of the ideas presented would require funds that are currently beyond the City’s means for the foreseeable future. Some ideas would be hard to implement given snow plowing logistics in the winter. However, there were some ideas which are fairly high impact and low cost that we will be working with the street department to implement. Other ideas would require grant funding that we are checking into. More will be coming out on this later.   
 Timbra Long, the Weiser Public Library librarian, reminded all of us in the Monday morning manager’s meeting that school would be letting out for the summer next week. Already? With that, she wanted everyone to know that the Library has plans for STEM Programs and Reading Programs at the library this summer. 
 It looks like a very fun and very interesting schedule. The sign-up deadline is June 1. So, hurry on in to the library, check out some books, and sign up for a summer of good reading and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fun!
 Tony Edmondson was appointed as the “newest” Planning and Zoning commissioner at last week’s City Council meeting. The “newest” comment is in jest. Tony has had extensive Planning and Zoning experience, both with the City and County. He will be bringing extensive knowledge, experience, and perspective to the position. Thanks for coming aboard, Tony! 
 I also want to say thank you to the rest of the Planning and Zoning members – John Jensen, Heather Dryden, Ken Lukehart, Mark Christianson, Jay Edwards, and Clarence Stark. Their work is vital for the planning and development of our community. 
 Planning and Zoning is a time-consuming job, where hard thankless decisions are made. All-in-all this group works to make our community a better place to live – all without compensation. So, thank you! for volunteering your time, effort, and anguish!
 In other matters, Mike Shepherd from the water department would like me to again remind those who have lawn sprinkler systems, to have the back flows tested for the year. The deadline for having the tests is June 1. If the City has not received certification for the test by that time, we will have no alternative than to begin the process of shutting off water until the back flow test has been performed. As mentioned before, the testing is to ensure that water that has entered a sprinkler system, cannot flow back into the City’s drinking water.
 If you would like a list of test providers, please call City Hall at 208-549-1965 and we would be happy to help you!
 Well, that’s it for this week. It has been surprising how quickly the weather turned warm. I hope it stays!


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