Weiser organizations are there to help residents with food security

Cathy had her hands full last week by watching the grandsons while the boy’s mother prepares her classroom for another school year. So, it was a pretty hectic, fun-filled week for us, especially since they also had a sleepover for two consecutive nights. 
 At one point, one of the boys asked what our house was like when it was just Grandma and I at home. I asked what he meant. He told me that he thought we would be sad when they were gone, because we have so much fun together. I told him that it is true. We do have a lot of fun. But, I also told him that Grandma is pretty entertaining by herself! 
 A few weeks back I mentioned that David Tate and I would be attending classes regarding community health needs provided by the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation. Every year, they select a small number of mayors and one other city employee or councilmember to attend these classes. At the end of the four sessions, if there has been 100 percent attendance, the mayor sits down with the foundation representative to discuss a community health project with the foundation contributing up to $20,000 to be applied towards that project. 
 Last week, David and I attended an all-day session where housing, early childhood development, and civility were discussed.
 In the next session, we will be discussing food security within the community. 
 This morning I filled out a survey from the foundation asking about the services offered in Weiser to help with this need. I wrote down and submitted those services that I could think of off the top of my head. Afterwards I thought it might be worthwhile to dig a little deeper. I then realized just how fortunate we are in Weiser for the groups that help provide in this area. 
 The Senior Citizens not only provide Meals-On-Wheels to those who are unable to get out, but they also serve lunch five days a week from noon to 12:30 for a very nominal donation.
 The Weiser Cornerstone Assembly of God Church organizes and helps assist with the operational needs of the Idaho Food Bank in delivering monthly food boxes in the church’s parking lot.
 Love, INC Washington County, in addition to providing support and classes for a phenomenal number of social needs, has a food pantry where they assist people with one box of food a month. All that is required is the time to find out a little bit about their client to ensure that all needs are being met. 
 In addition, St. Agnes Catholic Church also operates a food pantry for those in need. 
 Another source of food, is WICAP which advertises on their website bi-weekly pick-up times of food boxes.
On top of all of this, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church has for years has opened its doors for a soup kitchen on Wednesdays. 
 While on this subject, I want to let you know about Ridley’s Market’s contribution. Ridley’s regularly donates food to Love, INC and St. Agnes Catholic Church for their pantry services. They also provide to two others as needs arise. 
 I suspect there is an even broader network if the school system is taken into account. (I didn’t want to bother anyone at the school for information right now. They probably are a bit busy.) There are probably even more. The ones above are those I could find with just a little research.
 Speaking of schools, I will go off topic a moment to remind you that next Monday is the first day of school for the year. Please pay special attention while driving in the mornings and late afternoons for children and teens going to and from school. 
 Back to topic, Weiser is truly blessed to have all of these organizations working to provide food for those most vulnerable in our community. I am awed with respect and appreciation for the time and talents of the individuals who make providing food to others a part of their daily lives. I am deeply grateful!
 Well, that’s it for this week. Just a suggestion, when you sit down for your next meal, please remember to be thankful for those who provide for the food security of others in this wonderful community!


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