Weiser hospital foundation leading fundraising effort to remember a beloved nurse on staff

Steve Lyon

The community is coming together in an effort to honor the legacy of the life of RN Marla Egbert.
 Egbert passed away in March 2019, and left behind a whole community of loved ones, family, and co-workers who feel inspired by her years of dedication to the patients of Weiser Memorial Hospital.
 Egbert dedicated her life and work to providing medical care as a nurse at Weiser Memorial Hospital and EMT with the Weiser ambulance service.  
 In the last 20 years, each person who has been a patient at Weiser Memorial Hospital, called the ambulance, or who has visited a loved one at the hospital, has likely been blessed by the kindness and compassion of Egbert.
 Egbert was known among her peers as the queen of getting whatever needed done, done. For patients, this meant making sure they had extra blankets, items of comfort, food, and even a listening ear. For families, sometimes this meant they needed a quiet place to process.
 Throughout her work, the comfort and peace of the families visiting patients at the hospital was a focus for Egbert. It was her goal that each family could have a place where they could have privacy.  Because of Egbert’s example, fundraising efforts have begun to help raise funds to renovate a room or area in the hospital that will be utilized as a “quiet room” dedicated in Egbert’s memory.  
 It is the hope that this room can be a place of comfort for families – a place where they can go to be alone, to pray, to visit with doctors or social workers, or just have time together as a family.
 The Weiser Memorial Hospital Foundation with the leadership of Dr. Lore Wootton have volunteered to help organize the project fundraising. The foundation began the big push for fundraising for the “quiet room” on Idaho Gives on May 2. The efforts that began that day have raised just under $6,000.
 Egbert was always known for her compassion that she practiced through all of her work over the last 20-plus years. Her co-workers wanted to do something that would help her legacy not only live on, but would also truly make a difference for the families and patients at Weiser Memorial Hospital.
 To continue to support this project, please contact Casey at 208-250-9707, or foundation@weiserhospital.org.


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