Weiser cheer top all girl squad, state runner-up

Weiser’s all-girl cheer squad won top honors in this past weekend’s State cheer competition, the 10th time since 2008 for the Wolverines. The squad’s total scores from pom, sideline and show cheer divisions, also garnered the Wolverines the State runner-up trophy. Photo by Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller
Weiser High School cheerleaders competed at the Idaho High School Cheer State Championships on March 24 at the Ford Idaho Center. Weiser performed extremely well placing in all competition divisions including first place All-Girl Show Cheer and Overall State Runner-Up. 
 Cheer competition is divided into three event divisions: Pom, Sideline, and Show Cheer. The show cheer event is divided into all-girl and co-ed divisions, while the pom and sideline events are not divided into the separate divisions. The state champion is determined by placement points in each of the individual events. 
 The pom division is a one minute routine set to music in which teams are judged on a variety of motions, dance and transitions. Pom is worth up to five placement points for the state championship. Weiser’s performance in pom received near perfect scores receiving praise for their high energy and high tempo of the performance. Weiser placed second overall in this event behind Sugar Salem. American Falls placed third. 
 In the sideline event, teams compete with a 1 minute cheer routine that emphasizes crowd involvement. This routine in-cludes not only chanting and jumping but also standing tumbling and non-pyramid stunting.  This competition is particularly challenging because it is not divided into co-ed and all-girl divisions. Co-ed teams have an advantage for both the stunting and volume of the chanting. This event is also worth up to five placement points.
 Weiser received positive feedback from the judges for their crowd involvement. One judge even commented, “Your crowd loves you.” 
 Coach Nicole Ramirez shared that the Weiser crowd showed the best participation and support Weiser has ever seen. Not only is this important to the squad, but it also makes a difference in those final scores, especially in the sideline competition. Weiser was the only all-girl squad to place in this division taking third place overall behind co-ed squads: Sugar Salem and American Falls. 
 The biggest event in both length and value is the show cheer competition. The show cheer combines all the elements of cheer: dance, sideline cheer, stunting, jumps, and tumbling in a 2:30 minute routine. This event is divided into all-girl and co-ed divisions and is worth 10 placement points for the championship. Weiser came out on top as the top all-girl squad taking first place in this event.
 Weiser earned 17 placement points total, securing their position as the state runner-up. 
 Coach Nicole Ramirez shared that she could not be more proud of the squad for not only this accomplishment but also for their growth and determination.
 “These girls have come so far from tryouts to where they are now. It’s amazing how much they have progressed throughout the season,” Ramirez said. 
 Ramirez shared that one reason this squad showed so much growth is because so many of the girls have been willing to step up and fill multiple positions switching from backspot in one stunt to flier in the next. This kind of versatility across squads is rare and represents their hard work, skill, and willingness to be coachable and do what’s best for the whole squad. Ramirez also shared that Weiser has several first year cheerleaders in more than just the freshman class, but they all proved how hard they were willing to work for it. 
 “We came to state cheer just being glad to be there. We knew all we could do was give it our best and leave the rest to the judges. The girl’s nailed every routine-proving they are the best all girl squad in the state. They earned it and I could not be more proud,” Ramirez said. 


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