Weiser Chamber of Commerce held a great crab and rib dinner

This last Saturday, the Chamber of Commerce had their somewhat annual Crab Feed fundraiser.  Due to COVID this has been the first full blown Crab Feed in three years. And for those who attended, you could tell that the community was ready to get back together for this event. I do not believe I have ever seen a Crab Feed this well attended before. Thank You! and Congratulations! to the Chamber of Commerce for a successful evening. The food was great! I am already looking forward to it next year!
 On Monday of this week, I had the unusual opportunity to see what the inside of some of our sewer lines look like. Fortunately, I was able to do this without crawling down into a manhole and getting down on my hands and knees. Instead, the City hires to have a video camera mounted on what resembles a remote-control car on steroids designed to go through water and … muck. 
 The City has about 6,000 feet of sewer line scoped each year just to check to see if there are any issues, or potential issues, with our system. If we have an issue come up during the year that we were unaware of, we call the service back to pinpoint the problem in the line so we can concentrate on fixing that spot rather than tearing up the entire line to find the problem. This is just another way that your City employees work to try to stay ahead of problems before they happen. 
 While on the subject of the sewer lines, I can now say with certainty something that I had only heard before. That is, flushable wipes may flush, but that does not mean they are good for the sanitation system. In places where there was standing water due to the pipes settling over time, the flushable wipes were floating there completely whole. I am told that these can actually plug an eight-inch line or a lift-pumping station. Those that make it to the sanitation plant have to be removed and sent to the dump. So, with that in mind, for those of you who use “flushable” wipes, please cut out the middleman by putting them directly in the trash.  
 Something else you might be interested in, if you or anyone you know is looking for a good paying job with benefits, including a great retirement program, please check out the City. There are openings in several of the departments at this time. We work hard, but we try to be a pleasant bunch to work with. So, if you are interested, come on in or print an application out from our website, at cityofweiser.net.
 In City news this week, please be aware that the electrical department will be working on the west end of Pioneer Road replacing some poles, so there may be slow downs while they are there.
 Also, for those of you who have sprinkler systems, Bill Taylor at the water department wants to let you know that we will begin sending out notices for backflow inspections starting next week. The inspections are necessary to make sure that water that has entered the sprinkler system does not flow back into the City’s freshwater system when the sprinklers are turned off. State regulations require that each system be checked annually at the start of irrigation season. Locally, Jeff Fields and Robert Torres provide this service. Jeff’s telephone number is (208) 550-0266. Robert’s number is (208) 405-6973.
 Well, that’s it for this week. Weiser is such a good place to live … especially when there is crab!


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