Weiser’s 2024 tractor pull set for July 19, 20

The 2024 Weiser Invitational Tractor Pull is scheduled for July 19 and 20. and will be held one more time at the Fred Hust Arena on West 9th Street. After receiving Weiser City Council approval, next year’s 2025 event will move to Mortimer’s Island, where the event’s planners believe will make more room for a bigger show. File photo by Philip A. Janquart
Keith Boles
The annual Weiser Invitational Truck and Tractor Pull event for this year will be held on July 19 and 20 at Fred Hust Arena. Next year, 2025, the event will move to Mortimer’s Island.
 The event is all about the pulling of big hefty and impressive tractors and trucks and the event boasts a family-friendly environment and strong competition.
 The vehicles range from old antiques from back in the day to more modern heavily modified tractors and trailers.
 The event is run by the Believe Pulling Sled group. The main two brothers operating the group are Jake and Matt Petero.
 Petero is not the only one who helps get this event underway. He is also helped by Woody’s Towing, and Laser Land Leveling.
 “We would like to thank Woody’s Towing, Laser Land Leveling, and the town of Weiser for welcoming us,” Petero said.
 The group also does more than just truck and sled pulls. They also do demolition derbies, dirt drag races, and monster trucks.
 They have been running events for 10 years now and the tractor pull has been around for three years and has proven to be a big success.
 “It has grown more than we could have imagined since we first started,” Petero said.
 The event is invitational only with the group selecting whom they want in it and what they want in it, all to make sure that the event is as good as it can be.
 The event this year will go from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets will cost $15 for general admission, $10 for seniors, military, and kids, with kids 6 and under free.
 To buy tickets you can check out the Believe Pulling Sled group on Facebook or scan a code on one of their various flyers around town.
 As for next year, however, some things are to change with the event moving from the Fred Hust Arena to Mortimers Island, a larger city-owned area down by the river.
 The reason for the move is mainly due to the lack of space in the old arena. Now in the much bigger Mortimer Island location, they will have more room to impress with what they have to show.
 Another big reason is so Weiser as a city can have more people coming into it and more money coming from the event. 
 Mayor Randy Hibberd along with the rest of the city council had to think about if the benefits of the project were enough to justify the move.
 “The City Council had to decide if allowing the use of city property for the tractor pull has enough outside benefits to justify allowing the property to be tied up for the time used by the tractor pull,” Hibberd said.
 With not only the promise for this year’s season to be successful but also next year’s new and better location, it is clear that the Weiser annual tractor pull event will stay for many more years to come.


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