Six local authors to be featured at library

Weiser Public Library and Literary Paws are co-hosting “An Evening with Idaho Writers” June 28 at 6 p.m. at the Weiser Public Library. The event will host six local writers for a chance to hear readings and presentations from the authors, buy their books and even get your books signed by the Idaho authors. 
 Librarian Timbra Long and Literary Paws Owner, Nicole Sharp are excited to partner together for this event. The two of them have known each other for a long time. They went to high school together and both moved back to Weiser about the same time. 
 Sharp worked as a librarian for 20 years prior to moving back to Weiser so she has been a great source of knowledge and support for Long. They have both been the president of Friends of the Library, and they both love books and people who write them. 
 “It was a natural idea to hear from the authors themselves to see if we could help them sell a few books,” Long said. 
 About a month ago Sharp received a copy of “A Shrug of the Shoulders” by Elaine Cockrell. Cockrell grew up in Adrian, Ore., and wrote a story about the Japanese Americans working in the sugar beet fields. After reading the book, Sharp thought the story and the author would be perfect for a local author night. Thinking that the library would be the perfect location for the event, Sharp reached out to Timbra about working together. 
 After they started creating the list of authors, they realized that there are actually a lot of local authors and they have already decided that they would like to have more events like this one in the future.
 “We want to increase the love of reading in our community. So the teaming of the bookstore and the library just seems like an obvious partnership. We would like to develop partnerships in education and at the local museum to further the love of reading and history in our community with local authors and us,” Sharp said. 
 The authors for this first event will feature a variety of authors, and most will be fairly unknown to the local audience. 
 Elaine Cockrell is the author of “A Shrug of the Shoulders,” the historical fiction about Japanese American farm workers. This novel spans the history of Portland’s assembly center, farming communities in Eastern Oregon, and internment camps like Minidoka in Idaho. “A Shrug of the Shoulders” renders the  lives of the Japanese American characters with care, hope, and historical fidelity. 
 RW Bennet is a historical fiction writer. His books include: “Rock Creek: Water, Risk, and Grit,” “Bill Judy: a Story of Friendship,”  “A Cowgirl’s Tale,” and “Crooked River: Murder, Revenge, and Justice.” He is a descendant of four generations of Idaho ranchers. He and his wife live in Boise, Idaho.
 Jack Franklin is a Western historical fiction author. He has published several novels including “The Lucky Series,” about the settlement of the West in the Oregon Territory. In the feel-good series, a young couple is lucky enough to find some long-buried treasure. They manage to share their wealth with a lot of good people. Franklin resides in Ontario, Oregon.  
 Susan Lowe writes faith based non-fiction. Her book: “Josie: A Story of Faith and Survival,”  is a true story that never made the history books. In 1944 Yugoslavia, four-year-old Josie and her 12-year-old brother, Andreas breathe a sigh of relief when Hitler is defeated. But soon their family and other ethnic Germans who have been loyal Yugoslavs discover they have survived one war to become the scapegoats of another. 
 Danny R. Smith is a mystery and suspense writer with 11 published novels. He is best known for the “Dickie Floyd Detective” novel series, and “The Murder Memo,” a true crime blog. Smith spent 21 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the last seven as a homicide detective. He now lives in Idaho where he works as a private investigator and consultant.
 Mycah Realms writes young adult fantasy. He recently released his fourth book in his Dragon Story series. Realms is a graduate of the Weiser High School class of 2022 and began writing at the young age of 14.   
 The evening is sure to offer variety and a chance to discover new stories for all. Sharp also mentioned that the timing of the event has a special meaning to the book store. Previous owner, Oval Metcalf opened Chris’ Book Corner in Weiser in 1997, so this year marks the 25th anniversary. Sharp decided to celebrate the week prior to July 4, which is Oval’s birthday.


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