Sanders attends Idaho International Choir Festival

Weiser High School junior Olivia Sanders, right, is pictured with Idaho International Choir Festival Director Dr. Nicole Lamartine. Sanders participated in the triannual, world wide festival in mid-July, meeting and making new friends from all over the world. Sanders is an active student in the WHS music department.
Nicole Miller
 Weiser High School junior, Olivia Sanders, attended the triannual Idaho International Choir Festival (IICF) at Idaho State University July 12-16. Sanders participated in the high school honor choir as part of the world wide festival. 
 Sanders shared that she was extended the opportunity to go to IICF through her involvement in the Weiser High School Chamber Singers by Choir Director Mike Turner. Although a couple of other students showed interest, Sanders was the only representative from Weiser High School who was able to attend.
 Sanders shared that although she was the only person from Weiser to attend IICF, she quickly made new friends and felt right at home. Sanders was able to meet people from all around the world, as well as the state, and hear their stories and experiences. 
 “It was incredible to see how celebrated music is worldwide. I learned about cultures, customs, and I was able to hone my choral singing through the incredible direction of Dr. Nicole Lamartine. I would say the biggest thing I learned at IICF is that no matter where you are from or how talented you are, everyone understands the universal language of music,” Sanders said. 
 The Idaho International Choral Festival was founded in 1999 with the goal of bringing the world to Pocatello, Idaho to celebrate through the universal language of music. According to the organization’s website, the festival is designed to share and showcase a diversity of cultures and people from around the world. The IICF is about great music but also about people and helping to make the world a better place by bringing cultural diversity and inspiring music together. The organization believes that through the universal language of music, people throughout the world can come together in friendship and understanding. This year’s featured choirs included groups from Costa Rica, China, Poland, Catalonia and more as well as representatives from across the United States. 
 “I have been singing ever since I could talk, so music performance is like second nature to me. I’m very thankful to live in a community like Weiser, where there are countless opportunities and people who have helped perfect my craft along the way. Some of the biggest contributors have definitely been Victoria Arriero and Mike Turner. Through them, I have been able to attend VAS, summer theater camps, choir during the school year, and festivals like Treasure Valley Honor Meet. I’m also extremely grateful to have been able to go to the IMEA solo/ensemble competition for the past two years. I have placed top two in the district both years, and I was ranked in the top 10 sopranos in the state last year. 
 “What I enjoy about singing and performing is sharing my story with other people. Music is such an emotionally driven form of art, and I think there is emotion and message even beyond the lyrics. I love being able to spread that message with as many people as I can. For the future, I plan to take as many musical opportunities as I can throughout high school, and I plan to go on to study music and medicine in college. I’m not quite sure where I’ll go yet, but I know I want to go somewhere with stellar music and pre-med programs. My favorite style of music to sing is classical because I think my voice suits it the best. However, I think showtunes are the most fun,” Sanders said.


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