Republicans ‘like Dems ideas’ not true

Dear Editor:
 RE: Republicans ‘like Dems ideas’
 Idaho State House Rep. from Dist. 19, Lauren Necochea, in her recent Op-ed claims “Republicans like Dem ideas.”
 I’ll wait for you to stop laughing before I continue.
The short answer: No.
 Let’s examine more closely her attempt to gaslight Weiser Signal readers:
Rep. Necochea references a survey conducted by Boise State Idaho Public Policy ( The survey claims that an increasing amount of people in Idaho identify as Republicans and according to Necochea a greater percentage of those Republicans agree with Democrat ideas based on the results of the survey.
 From those surveyed, she points out a majority of Idahoans oppose the new abortion ban as currently enacted. However, reading the details reveals that a majority of Republican (53 percent) favor keeping the law as described. She (Necochea) is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, by the way.
 Necochea’s claim that Republicans are sponsoring bills that threaten jail time for librarians is pure hyperbole. First, the survey question asks, “How much trust do you have in public libraries and librarians to choose the books that are made available at Idaho public libraries?”
 What if it was worded, “Do you think librarians should allow children access to pornographic material?”
 The bill she claims is “threatening librarians” is H384. It proposes to keep pornographic material out of the children and teen sections at the library, not out of the library entirely. Lastly, the penalty for non-compliance is not criminal, as Ms. Necochea claims, but civil.
 She states only 49 percent of Idahoans approve the school voucher system, but fails to mention that 59 percent of Republican respondents are in favor of school vouchers. Is the school voucher system a threat to the teachers’ unions for whom Rep. Necochea is also endorsed?
 Necochea writes, “For the first time in the survey’s history, more voters thought Idaho was moving in the wrong direction compared to 40 percent who think Idaho is on the right track.”
 Again, the details reveal that of Republicans surveyed, a majority (56 percent) in fact had a positive view of the state’s direction.
 It is abundantly clear to me Republicans do NOT like Dem ideas!
David Malone


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