A relaxing massage for your furry best friend

Stephanie Sullender, owner of Weiser’s newer business Stephanie’s Canine Massage, is hosting a grand opening, “Dog Party” June 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a ribbon cutting at noon. Bring your dogs and other dog friendly pets down to enjoy a dog friendly cake, a photo booth, and learn more about canine massage and what Sullender has to offer. 
 Sullender shared that she has always had dogs and always loved dogs and seemed to have a special connection with them. As a mom, she was always busy raising a family, but as her family got older, she decided she wanted to do something for herself, so she went back to school at the age of 64 to become a certified canine massage therapist.
 She earned her canine massage therapy certification through Brandenburg Massage Therapy in 2018. The program included an independent study component with DVDs and study materials. After studying those materials thoroughly, Sullender had to travel to Ohio for an intense 5 day clinic and hands on exam and evaluation.  
 Sullender shared that the program was very comprehensive and thorough. The entire clinic was hands-on and it was very important to know all the independent study information before the clinic so that she was ready to focus on the dogs.
 Sullender shared that there are a lot of benefits to professional pet massage therapy. It can reduce pain, discomfort, stiffness, muscle spasms, improve muscle tone, spine alignment, flexibility and range of motion for your dog. It promotes healthy blood circulation, heightens immune system function, and increases energy, and alertness. Overall it also promotes longevity and trust and sociability. Sullender shared that she has a great connection with her clients almost always right away.” 
 “Dogs always come right up to me so I think they know,” Sullender said. 
 When Sullender first started doing canine massage, she would go to people’s homes, but after COVID, that became impossible. When she and her husband moved to Weiser, 2 years ago, she knew she wanted to open a business. 
 It took a little while to find the right space, but she has loved having her own space to control the environment. She has worked to create an experience for each client much like what you would expect from any massage therapist. Each client gets clean fresh sheets, and a clean and relaxing environment that is relaxing and calming for both her and the dog.
 She began with a soft opening this spring, and she is building a clientele. Her repeat clients already know what to expect and have a routine when they arrive.
 From her largest client at nearly 200 pounds to her smallest client of 7 pounds, the experience for the dog is tailored to fit their needs while still being thorough for all. Each dog receives therapy on 23 points of contact. Those are the same no matter how big or small. The larger dogs can sometimes take longer because the size of those 23 focus points are larger, but they all get the same therapy.  
 While the canine massage therapy is highly beneficial, it is lesser known. When Sullender first registered her business in Idaho, she was the first registered business of her kind in the state, but since then she has met two more in the Boise area. She has seen the benefits first hand on her own dogs as well as the dogs of clients and she knows it will continue to grow as people see how good it can be for their beloved pets. 
 “I want my customers to know I love their dogs and it’s all about what’s best for them,” Sullender said. 
 Stephanie’s Canine Massage is located at 14 E. Idaho Street. She is open Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment. 


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