Rachel’s Pantry will assist students with food needs

Weiser High School students Willy Shirts and Elle Svedin sort out food items in the school’s Rachel’s Pantry. In November, students held a food drive competition that stocked the shelves at Rachel’s Pantry, which is run by students for students who need food.
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization at Weiser High School hosted their yearly food drive Nov. 12-16. 
 In the past the food was donated to such groups as Love, INC and WICAP. This year the food will be donated to a high school-run program called Rachel’s Pantry.  
 The pantry is named in honor of Rachel Scott, who was the first victim in the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999. 
 There is a national program called Rachel’s Challenge, whose mission statement is: Making schools safer, more connected places where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect; and where learning and teaching are awakened to their fullest.
 The goal of Rachel’s Pantry is to help food insecure students have one less thing to stress about on weekends and long breaks. A student can either email Rachel.pantry@weiserschools.org or speak to teacher Michelle Chavez. 
 Chavez will then pack bags of donated food and have students stop by her room Friday afternoons to pick them up.  Chavez’s goal is to make sure that she is the only one with the student’s information and that everything stays anonymous. 
 “We did a pantry about five years ago and had great success. The only thing that is changing is the process to get the box.” 
 The FCA made the first donation to the pantry with their recent food drive. The first period class with the most items donated is going to receive a special prize from the FCA club.
 “I’m very proud of our student body for stepping up and giving back to their fellow students,” said teacher and FCA adviser Jon Lundberg, as he watched club members count up donated items.
 “Our staff also really supports this project. Teachers Rebecca Gonzales, Megan Overgaard, and Gina La Chapelle really get behind and support the drive every year,” he said.
 According to school officials, the food drive collected over 1,350 items that will go to the WHS food pantry. And here are the top classes.  
 In third place with 7.067 items per student was Mr. Srholec’s class.  In second place with 9.25 items per student was Mr. Lundberg’s class.  And in first place with a whopping 53.63 items per student was Mrs. Gonzales’ class.  
 In addition to food, the high school is starting up a clothing pantry. The goal is to provide students with red and white school themed shirts, coats in colder weather, and gym clothes. Really anything that some of the kids might need that their families are struggling to provide. 
 Students can email the pantry and ask for clothes or stop by the office.  Students will help organize the clothing donated, and keep it all neat as items are given and received.
 Both the food and clothing pantries will rely on student, staff and community donations. You can email chavezm@weiserschools.org if you have any questions. 
 Donations of food, money and clothes will gratefully be accepted in the high school office. Checks can be made out to Rachel’s Pantry. 


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