Oh my gosh, that’s me ! ! !

‘Oh my gosh, that’s me! Wow, I am shocked,’ exclaimed Lori Maddox after she was chosen as the winner of the first annual Weiser Elks Lodge Chili Cook-Off. She was chosen among nine contestants by three judges that included U.S. Navy Veteran Ken Edwards, Weiser Classic Candy owner Patrick Nauman, and Weiser Signal American editor Phil Janquart. Her name will be etched onto the big, white chili pot, which will be a revolving trophy to be displayed at the Elks Lodge. Above, Nauman presents Maddox with the trophy. Maddox said she used plenty of hamburger, green chilis, black beans, sautéed onions, salsa, jalapeno, and more beans. The result was a thick, flavorful chili that pleased the palate. Don’t forget that Friday night, April 26, is Neil Diamond Tribute Night at the Elks Lodge. Start time is 5:15 p.m. Photo by Philip A. Janquart


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