Noxious weed neighborhood projects, apply now for next weed season

The Lower Weiser River Cooperative Weed Management Area and the Washington County Weed Advisory Board invite you to reach out to your neighbors and start a Neighborhood Noxious Weed Project in your area. 
 Who can apply? Any group of neighbors in a rural setting that are concerned about noxious weeds in their area are encouraged to apply. Applications are available now at Washington County Weed, 1118 E. Court Street, Weiser and must be turned in to the Weed Department by noon on Sept. 14, 2023, for the 2024 spray season. 
 How do we do this? Start by contacting your neighbors, see if they are interested in working together to improve plant populations in your area. Find a leader who is willing to serve as the project coordinator. The project coordinator will be charged with completing the application and coordination of all the stakeholders that are involved. 
 Who will do the spraying? Landowners/managers do the on the ground work, the weed department offers the technical assistance while the Noxious Weed Advisory Board oversees all CWMA activities. 
 How does this benefit me you ask? Noxious weeds can be an overwhelming thing however when you work as a group great things can be accomplished. Noxious weeds do not respect property boundaries so neighbors working together for the same common goal make controlling these silent invaders much easier. 
 Funding for Neighborhood Projects is done through a three-phase process which is part of the strategic plan created by the Washington County Weed Advisory Board. 
 The Weed Advisory Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Weed Department. You can also contact Bonnie Davis at 414-1950 or speak with a weed board member. They would be glad to help you.


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