Meet the candidates at our forum

Steve Lyon
The city council, mayor and school
board races top the November
election and the Weiser Signal
American is excited to be part of the important
discussion leading up to the vote.
Between now and Nov. 5,
we will provide voters with
the information they need
to make an informed choice
when they cast a ballot.
With that goal in mind,
the Weiser Signal American
will host a candidate forum
on Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. at the
Weiser Senior and Community
Yours truly will moderate
the evening. I look forward
to a civil discussion on the
issues. Bring your questions
for the candidates.
We have invited all of the candidates
for city offices to participate. One of the
three candidates for mayor will serve in
the position for the next four years.
As a city resident, I am interested in
hearing what they have to say. We see
the candidates’ signs around town. It’s
important to meet them and engage them
on city issues.
Some answers are predictable. Everyone
is pro-growth and anti-pothole. But
what are their ideas, their vision
going forward?
In addition to the open
mayor’s position, three seats
on the Weiser City Council
are up for election, and five
city residents have filed for
those offices. The top threevote
getters will win office.
Two of the three seats on
the Weiser School District
Board of Trustees up for
election in November are
contested. Both of the incumbents
have filed to retain
their position on the school
board and have challengers.
Obviously, the candidates were motivated
to run for office for a reason.
Let’s hear their positions. What are their
thoughts on local education? Is Common
Core working for Weiser students?
The mayor, city council and school
board races are non-partisan. There is
no political party affiliation with their
names on the ballot.
The Weiser Signal American also will
pose questions to all of the candidates
for responses that we will publish in
print and online shortly.
There are also city races of note in
Cambridge, where two current members
of the city council didn’t file for reelection.
Three candidates have filed for
the two open seats, including the former
Mayor Nanette Rhodes.
In Midvale, the mayor’s race is already
decided. Mayor Brian Graham
filed for another term and faces no challengers.
The same goes for the two seats
on the city council up for election. Only
the incumbents filed for office.
There will be other candidate forums
in Weiser. The Weiser Chamber of Commerce
always hosts an evening with candidates
at the Vendome. Plan to attend.
Steve Lyon is the editor of the Weiser
Signal American. Contact him at


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