Letter: Weiser School District trustees urge support on supplemental levy

As the elected representatives
of the Weiser School
Board of Trustees, we would
like to encourage our fellow
patrons to support the upcoming
school supplemental
levy election.
The Weiser School District
has been a proud institution
in our community, with great
community support, admired
by visitors, other school boards,
and educators across the state.
As trustees, we are conscious
of the need to be good
stewards of the district’s resources.
We’ve received excellent
annual financial audits
of our school operations.
We strive to be fiscally
conservative while addressing
the needs of our students
and staff.
We diligently seek to find a
balance between the district’s
limited finances and our ability
to provide the best possible
educational experiences
for our students.
We live in Weiser and
understand the nature and
impact of property taxes on
homeowners, businesses,
agriculture, and persons on
fixed incomes.
The amount of funds we
draw from local property
taxes is the lowest of any of
our neighboring districts and
is one of the lowest rates
Still, we are very proud
of the quality of educational
programs we provide our
students. We’d like to keep
it that way and we need your
support to do so.
The supplemental levy addresses
needs in the district
that state funding will not
provide for. It is important to
note that the proposed levy
would replace an expiring
two-year levy approved by
voters in 2018 and, therefore,
passage would not represent
any measurable tax increase
for most property owners. In
fact, many may see a small
Please vote in favor of the
levy on March 10.
Dr. Mark Pritchard
Marg Chipman
Kerry Nyce
Lacey Mackenzie-Yraguen
Justin Erickson


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