Letter: Taxpayers footing bill to fix roads damaged by trucks

Three weeks ago, I drove
east on Cove Road. I had not
been there in several years.
I was shocked by how
much damage the road had
suffered. Most of the damage
was beyond the farms in the
I concluded that it must be
the heavy rock hauling that
caused it.
Last week, the Signal
American listed the county
roads to be repaired this year.
The majority of the repairs
were to be done on Cove
I can see little benefit to
Washington County from this
rock operation, yet we seem
to have to pay for the repairs.
I ask the County Commissioners:
Can this road be put
on a permit basis for all nonagricultural,
heavy usage?
I hate for our county to
have to foot the bill for a
Boise-based operation.
Our other roads need help
too and this one is taking a lot
of funding.
Larry Boots


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