Letter: Resident saddened at condition of Weiser cemetery

After visiting our family
graves at the Hillcrest Cemetery
in Weiser, we were very
saddened at the condition of
the cemetery.
The grass was not mowed
and the rodent holes were
everywhere, which was not
a good sign of how the cemetery
has been taken care of.
We have family throughout
the cemetery and the
condition was the same everywhere.
In past years the
cemetery has looked much
better than this year.
What has happened to our
Also, again this year the flowers on our folk’s grave
were taken and thrown on
another grave in the next row.
In the past they have been
stolen and we were unable
to find them.
At least this year they were not taken just
thrown face down on another
grave, along with the wires
that held the white basket and
red gladiolas.
Why are these things happening
in our community?
Jerilyn Striker


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