Letter: Please follow the rules at Hillcrest Cemetery

 The Hillcrest Cemetery Maintenance District board of directors would like to thank the many of our Memorial Day weekend visitors who gave us positive feedback on the appearance of the cemetery this year.  
 The combination of a wet spring, early canal water and a great staff produced a wonderful environment over the weekend.
 We would like to update everyone concerning the enforcement of rules that is ongoing.  
 When the cemetery district was formed and received the property from the city of Weiser, there were rules regulating the use of the cemetery posted on a fence near the Indianhead Road entrance.  
 Apparently those rules were not read or ignored and they were certainly not enforced.  
 Over the past year the board has reviewed and consolidated those rules, posting the essential ones in the cemetery and making the full list available at the office.
 The enforcement of the rules is important in maintaining the beauty of the cemetery and the safety of our staff.  
 Loose articles around the headstones tend to blow in the wind and become hazards during mowing and trimming.  
 In the past, coins and bullets have been left on headstones. These can be taken by other “visitors” or can be brushed into the grass, becoming hazardous to our staff when mowing.  
 We appreciate that some want to memorialize family, friends and loved ones in these ways, but it is not safe or wise, so these items will be removed if found.
 Other items have been left that present less of a danger, but still become time-consuming to deal with when they inadvertently get moved from the headstone to the grassy area.  
 So staff will be clearing headstones a week or more after holidays and funerals. Anything of sentimental value will be left on a shelf near the office at the lower entrance of the cemetery.  
 We encourage our visitors to return for valuable items within the week. 
 While adjusting to these rules may take some time and attention, it is important to us to provide a safe work environment for our staff and a place of beauty and serenity for our users and visitors.  
 Hillcrest Cemetery is a unique treasure in the valley.  It is one of few, perhaps the only cemetery, that has allowed live plants over the years.  
 Due to increasing maintenance costs we have had to cease the planting of live plants, but will continue to maintain those that are already present.
 If you have any questions, please contact the cemetery office on Indianhead Road. It is staffed Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  There are feedback forms available and the board wants to hear from you.
The HCMD Board
Steve Penner
Karma Laan
Ron Bruce


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