Letter: Make the tough decision require use of face masks

After learning the Washington
County Commisioners
decided against any mandate
that requires face coverings
in the county it boggles my
The state of Idaho now has
more cases than the state of
Oregon and we have half the
We have also been mentioned
in the “New York
Times” and the “Washington
Post” in the past as one state
unwilling to require masks
for its citizens.
According to a new Harvard
University Global
Health Institute report, Idaho
is one of 13 states that
should lock down immediately.
People here talk about
their rights about not wearing
masks, and I say, “What
about my rights staying safe
from people who don’t wear
We have to wear seatbelts
while driving vehicles, but
we whine about wearing a
mask while running into a
store. I struggle to understand
that mentality.
I’m aware of people who
have tested positive for coronavirus
and exhibit little, if no
symptoms, and have refused
to self quarantine.
It shows a total disregard
for the health, welfare and
safety of the community,
state and country, as well as a
lack of moral character.
Don’t tell me this is their
right. It is not their right,
but everyone looks the other
way. Shame on us and
shame on the governor for
not making some tough decisions.
Because of people’s stubbornness
and lack of knowledge,
we are repeating the
devastation of the 1918 pandemic,
which killed more
than 50 million people worldwide.
What does this state not
get? We can’t change everyone’s
thoughts but we can do
what’s right for the majority
of people, not just the ignorant
Diane Brandt


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