Lady Wolverines knock out two wins

Weiser High School’s Lady Wolverines soccer team put out a huge team effort in a 7-1 non-conference win over the Nampa High School Lady Bulldogs on Monday, Sept. 11. Brittany Magana (13) is pictured taking control of a play early in the first half, moving it back up the field to Weiser’s forwards. Moving in to back up Magana is Alia Oarbescoa (14) and Diana Magana (5). The Wolverines scored four in the first half and another three goals in the second. Photo by Nancy Grindstaff

Lady Wolverine forward Isabella Froshiesar (7) regularly gives opposing team defenders a run for their money as she consistently drives the ball toward the goal. This attempt led to a Weiser corner kick in the second half of Thursday’s game with McCall, setting up another scoring opportunity. The Wolverines defeated the Vandals 5-2 in the game. Photo by Nancy Grindstaff
Nancy Grindstaff
Weiser’s Lady Wolverines soccer team moved their season record to 3-4, 1-1 in conference, last week, logging two wins at home, and dropping one on the road in Baker City. 
 Opening Homecoming week on Monday, Sept. 11, the Wolverines went ahead 4-1 in the first half against Nampa High School’s Lady Bulldogs in a non-conference game.
 Weiser’s Beth Phillips (28) scored the first two goals, challenging Nampa’s keeper inside the goal box. Wolverine forward Isabella Froshiesar (7) had moved in front of the goal, snagging a pass and scoring the third goal under the keeper’s reach.
 Nampa answered with their only goal in the outing, and Phillips responded to that with one more before the halftime whistle blew.
 In the second half, the Wolverines netted an additional three goals, with the defense holding the Bulldogs out of scoring position, ending with a 7-1 win.
 A trip to Baker City the next day was a different story, with the Wolverines taking a 5-1 loss against the Baker/Powder Valley Bulldogs. The Greater Oregon league Bulldogs are now sitting on a season 2-3 record having faced only non-conference opponents so far.
Weiser 5, McCall 2
 The Lady Wolverines showed up in full team spirit for their Thursday afternoon conference game against McCall, topping off Homecoming week in memorable fashion.
 McCall’s Vandals came prepared to defend the goal, but in doing so drew a foul early in the first half, setting up a scoring opportunity for Britany Magana (13) from the keeper’s right, but deep in the 18-yard box. Magana’s shot seemed to float, going over the goalie and sliding into the net for the score.
 Magana scored again off a pass a few minutes later for the Wolverines second goal, and Via Magana (8) made Weiser’s third goal with a shot from about 10 yards out in the 18-yard box on the keeper’s left side, with Weiser holding a 3-0 lead at the end of the first half.
 The Vandals scored a quick goal in the second half, and continued to put defensive pressure on the Wolverines, consistently double-teaming Phillips (28). The tactic was pretty effective until Phillips was awarded a direct penalty kick. Phillips sent the ball hard and low past the keeper in the first attempt, but the goalie was called for moving off the line too soon, setting up a second kick. The Vandal stopped it, but was called for the same thing one more time. Phillips’ third kick hit the net, and Weiser’s score moved to 4-1.
 McCall earned a direct penalty kick part way through the half, putting another goal on their side of the board.
 Phillips broke away from another pack of defenders to score one more time, and the clock ran out with Weiser winning 5-2.
 Wolverine goalkeeper Teagan Hawker put up a big number of saves for Weiser.
 “Great job, everybody,” coach Trine Loenberg told her team. “Today you played as a team. You fought as a team and you won as a team. See how much more fun that is?
 “You played, and you communicated, and you act like a team,” she said. “Good job, girls.”
 “Everybody was talking and doing what they were supposed to,” Loenberg told the Signal American. “It was great.


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