First Lady Pat Hamilton honored at tea

Marg Chipman, left, poses for a photo with the 2024 Beta Sigma Phi First Lady. The sorority hosted its 46th annual celebration at the Bee Tree Folk School in Weiser on Sunday, April 7. Photo by Nancy Grindstaff
Nancy Grindstaff
A retired librarian, community volunteer, and member of at least a handful of local nonprofit organizations, Pat Hamilton was treated to Beta Sigma Phi’s 46th annual First Lady Tea Sunday afternoon held at Bee Tree Folk School’s Bee Hive in downtown Weiser.
 Moving to Weiser in 1995, Hamilton is an example of how to put some “skin into the game” when it comes to life investment in the community chosen to call home.
 She was praised by former co-workers and friends for her witty and straight-forward handling of any task she has undertaken.
 Beta Sigma Phi member, Petra McDaniel, shared that Hamilton once provided four Christmas trees for the sorority to decorate for some families in the community.
 “Pat and I were down at the Vendome talking about Christmas, and she goes, ‘Hey! I have four Christmas trees and I need someone to decorate them.’
 “I wondered why she was talking to me, but that got my wheels to turning and thought okay, that’s a good idea,” McDaniel said. “I went back to sorority and said, ‘Hey! We’re going to decorate Christmas trees.’ We did, and we shared with another chapter, who decorated one for their adopted family over the holidays. It was a wonderful thing, and it’s all because we happened to be sitting across the aisle from one another and she spotted a sucker. It was great,” she laughed.
 The afternoon’s emcee, Dolores Larsen said Pat has contributed to the community in many ways while living here. 
 “She is an active member of several local groups, the Weiser Architectural Preservation Committee, Friends of the Hospital, and the Four County Art Guild. She is an active member of P.E.O. and has been their president for the past two years,” Larsen said. 
 “She volunteers all week during Fiddle Week. She was an usher and works in the information booth at the high school. She is the person responsible for bringing the Little Library to the Post Office with help from others she keeps it stocked with books. She volunteers every Thursday at the ROSE Advocates Thrift Store. Pat loves Weiser.”
 Joining Hamilton for the celebration was her son, Garrett Hamilton of Huntsville, Ala., and her cousin, Colleen and Bob Timmer of Bend, Ore.
 Speaking briefly at the close of the program, Hamilton said, “This is such an honor. It was such a nice surprise. I was just doing what I do, and to be honored for doing it is kind of unbelievable,” she said. “And the story of the four trees. You know, I bought those four trees five years before, with the intention of having another group use them. Well, they didn’t want to. So, finally I saw Petra and knew she was the one. And, she carried it out. Thank you so much, Petra. You made some room in my garage. 
 “All I can say is thank you,” she said. “I’ve made such good friends, nice friends. Thank you for coming. And, I got to be with my cousin again ... and I love seeing my son. His wife is having their alpacas sheared, so that’s why she couldn’t make it. I guess, according to Garrett, they booked the appointment to have the alpacas sheared a year ahead of time. They just recently moved to Alabama and I miss them desperately. But it’s fun to go visit.
 “Once again, thank you. Thank you so much,” she ended.
 Larsen encouraged those attending to stay and visit longer, concluding with, “Thank you, Pat, for everything, everything you have done for our community.”


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