Dominguez deserving of Chamber of Commerce award

Steve Lyon
The deadline to nominate local
businesses, individuals and organizations
for the annual Weiser
Chamber of Commerce awards is coming
up on Oct. 1.
It’s the chance to shine the spotlight
on a few deserving people
and organizations that give
back to the community or
excel in some other regard.
The winners will be invited
to the awards banquet on
Oct. 21 at the Vendome. It’s
a fun night on the social calendar
in Weiser, especially
for those getting an award.
While there is no shortage
of individuals that are worthy
of recognition, this would
be a nice year to recognize
Steve Dominguez, owner of
the Hometown Dealerships
in Weiser, Payette and Ontario.
This weekend, Dominguez will host
his 30th annual Hometown Dealerships
Community Benefit. It’s a two-day fundraiser
on Saturday and Sunday.
Dominguez started the annual fundraiser
in humble fashion back in 1989.
The first benefit was held at Weiser’s
Rolling Hills Golf Course. The effort
raised more than $5,000 for an infant
incubator at Weiser Memorial Hospital.
“I have a few more battle scars now
than I did then, but 30 years later we
have grown the benefit to one of the
largest in our area,” Dominguez said in
a letter to donors.
Over the past 30 years,
the benefit has given back
$700,000 to local charities
and organizations. That is a
big chunk of change that has
created a lot of smiles from
Weiser to Ontario.
Last year’s benefit raised
$60,000 for charities. More
than 600 families benefited
through Help Them to Hope,
a charity that Dominguez
has been associated with for
28 years.
Dominguez also writes
out a big check every year to Joe Malay’s
Ho Ho Express. Hundreds of local
kids get to go shopping with Santa Joe
in December and he picks up the tab,
thanks to benefactors like Dominguez.
All of the money raised at the Hometown
Dealerships Community Benefit
goes to great local causes, who help out
a lot of folks during the holidays and can
always use the money.
For all he has given back to charities
in the area, Dominguez is deserving of
the Outstanding Citizen Award or the
Lifetime Achievement Award.
• • •
Former professional football player
and Weiser resident Tim Wrightman is
inviting NFL fans to his new Lazy Sundays
Football Watching Club.
Wrightman owns the Lazy Bear
Ranch on Unity Lane just east of Weiser.
He’s been offering more public events at
the property, like fundraisers, weddings
and corporate events.
The NFL football club will get started
at 10 a.m. on Sunday. There is food for
sale and the slate of games will be shown
on a 75-inch screen.
I don’t know if Wrightman, a player
on the Superbowl-winning 1985 Chicago
Bears, will offer color commentary
on the games. He played five years in the
If there’s an NFL matchup involving
Da Bears, I’m sure he’ll have something
to say. Just don’t root for the other team.
Steve Lyon is the editor of the Weiser
Signal American. Contact him at


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