Crowd attends opening of new Ridley's store in Weiser

Steve Lyon
If you missed the opening of Ridley’s
new store on Tuesday morning, you
missed seeing half the town there,
along with the free donuts and other stuff
vendors were giving away to celebrate
the occasion.
Tuesday morning is crunch time at the
Weiser Signal American, so I couldn’t
stay long. There was the requisite
ribbon cutting. I sensed
the crowd was pretty eager to
get inside and look around.
Mark Ridley made a few
comments prior to the store
opening. Given what has
transpired since the disastrous
winter of 2017, Weiser
means a lot to him.
The community and Ridley’s
employees have pulled
together to make sure Weiser
had a grocery store through
thick and thin. It’s hard to believe
it has been 31 months
since the old store downtown closed after
the roof caved in from snow.
Things worked out well in the end. In
its place, the new Weiser store is one of
the largest in the family owned chain of
31 Ridley’s Family Markets.
The store is an asset to Weiser that will
pull in business and stem some of the
economic leakage that currently flows to
Ontario. It will generate more sales taxes
and employ more local residents.
The location is highly visible from
U.S. Highway 95, a major north-south
route. Ridley’s will pick up traveling
business passing through as well as the
community’s grocery business.
Ridley is a pretty astute businessman,
in my opinion. He didn’t just rebuild
at the old location with the
same square footage. He
went big and spent millions.
The new store is certain to
be a retail hub with a hardware
store and credit union.
Ridley held on to the
property where the old store
stood downtown and is developing
it as we speak. The
guy makes things happen
and Weiser’s economy will
benefit as a result. • • •
The candidate filing period
for city elections began
on Monday in Weiser, Midvale and
Cambridge. Voters residing in those
communities will pick city leaders for
the next four years in November.
Three city residents have expressed
an interest in running for Weiser mayor,
and I have heard there might be others.
Of course, nothing is official until the
paperwork is filled out and dropped off
at city hall.
The term for Midvale’s mayor is also
up for election, along with a couple of
city council positions.
In a small town like Midvale, you
could just about win office by getting
your family, extended family and friends
to cast a ballot.
Recall that in 2017 Cambridge Mayor
Jack Toothman, a political newcomer,
won the office over the incumbent by 13
votes. Two city council seats are up for a
vote in Cambridge, but the mayor is not
this year.
Credit goes to everyone who files for
elected office. They are not doing it for
the money, and there is not much fame
serving on the cemetery or fire board.
It’s the chance to get involved in civic
affairs and give something back in the
form of time and effort.
In addition to city elections, there are
some other taxing districts that have positions
up for election this November.
All three school districts in the county
will have trustees facing election.
The fire district boards in Weiser,
Midvale and Cambridge will have seats
up for election in November.
There are cemetery districts in the
county with board positions also to be
decided by voters in the fall.
Steve Lyon is the editor of the Weiser
Signal American. Contact him at


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