Creek returns to direct ‘The Vile Veterinarian’

Onion Skin Players cast members rehearse at the Star Theater in Weiser last week, during what founder Ruth Creek describes as ‘hell week,’ the last week before a play’s opening day. Their play, ‘The Vile Veterinarian ... or How much is that Doggie with the Window,’ opens March 2. Doors open to the public at 7 p.m. Photo by Philip A. Janquart

Above, Bo Arvidson, left, who plays villainess Kitty Litter, goes over lines with Gracen Cox, who plays the villain Ray Breeze. Photo by Philip A. Janquart
Philip A. Janquart
The Illustrious Onion Skin Players’ presentation of ‘The Vile Veterinarian or … How much is that Doggie with the Window?” opens Saturday, March 2 at the historic Star Theater at 322 State St. in downtown Weiser.
 The Melodrama was written by Rachel Davidson and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc. in Englewood, Colo.
 Making her directorial return is Illustrious Onion Skin Players founder Ruth Creek who was approached by the theater group months ago, asking her to once again lead the show along with assistant directors Pam Lakey and Brianne Garner.
 Olio directors are Joni Ball and Lisa Meyer. Olio involves dance and music skits that take place between scenes.
 Ruth now lives in a quaint cottage near the Oregon Coast, about 10 hours away from Weiser, but was so enamored by the prospect of directing again, decided to make arrangements to stay in the Ontario area and drive to Weiser for rehearsals and the play itself. So far, she is having so much fun, she may return in the not-so-distant future.
 “I might come back next winter and direct again,” she told the Signal American. “I love to direct, but I couldn’t do it without my co-directors; they are all absolutely brilliant in what they do, so I walked into the perfect setup. It’s been just really, really great; I’m enjoying these people so much.”
 She is particularly impressed with three young high school actors that have joined a large cast for this year’s production.
 “I hesitate to take high school kids … because it’s their senior year, usually, and something always comes up and they have to make a decision, to keep to what they committed to do or go off and do some senior thing,” she said. “But these three kids are so committed to doing a good job and to put on a good show, and that’s very gratifying.”
 Those seniors are Jordan Childs, Emma Eldrid, and Molly Arvidson.
 Opening night is Saturday, March 2 followed by weekend night performances on March 8, 9, 15, and 16. Doors open at 7 p.m. each night. Weeknight shows are March 6 and 12, with doors opening at 7 p.m. Sunday Matinees are March 3 and 10, with doors opening at 2 p.m.
 Tickets are $12 for weekend nights, $10 for matinees, and $7 for weeknights. (prices are $14, $12, and $9, respectively at the door.)
 You can buy your tickets by visiting the group’s website at
Melodrama Summary:
 Life is “ruff” in Woof Creek, and the Nein to Five Pet Store and Hotel is in the doghouse. The gold has run out, and all of the miners have left town, leaving their animals behind. Poor, sweet Polly Purina and her grandma, Kay Nein, are struggling to make ends meet at the pet store. 
 They are overrun with animals but don’t have enough customers to pay their bills. Though they are about to lose their home and business, they don’t have the heart to turn away the cats, cows, dogs, pigs, and snakes that the handsome animal rights advocate, Hugh Kandoit, brings to them. 
 Just when it seems Polly and Kay will be forced into the streets, the devious duo, Ray Beeze and Kitty Litter, arrive in town, posing as a veterinarian and his assistant. They really just want the gold they know is hidden in the caves surrounding the Nein to Five, and they plot to strike it rich with an evil scheme!
 The Vile Veterinarian cast includes:
 Ruth Creek – Director, Goldie Digger; Pam Lakey – Asst. Director, Retta Rosetta; Brianne Garner – Asst. Director, Liz Entoome; Jordan Childs – hero, Hugh Kandoit; Steve Shaw – banker, Mort Gudge; Emma Eldred – heroine, Polly Purina; Debby Enright – granny Kay Nein; Candy Snyder – friend, Barbara Blacksheep; Molly Arvidson – little girl, Liza; Colleen Shafer – cattlewoman, Cattle Kate; Bo Arvidson – villainess, Kitty Litter; Gracen Cox – villain, Ray Breeze; Terena Haylett – sister, Ida Gree; Lucinda Sutherland – sister, Patty Gree; Vern Ball – stage driver, Charlie Horse; CJ Higgins – opera singer, Miss Harmony; Kim Cox – emcee, Penelope Parrot; John Eavonson – emcee, Pete Parrot.
 Olio cast and characters:
 Joni Ball – Co-director, Kari Okey; Lisa Meyer – Co-director, Sarah Nader; Adrianna Rivers Kenney – Gladys Canby; Chelsie Dugan – Wandy Day; Michelle Cannon Chin – Viola Lynn; Anna Fitch – Sapphire Hi-kix; Kati Higgins – Roma Tomata; Adrianna Field – Robin U. Blind; Megan Wilson – Wether Bee; Sydney McClary – Rummie Tunn.



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