Contractor secured to start work on walkway and sidewalk

Mayor Randy Hibberd
Wow! Talk about a hard-fought football game. Both of the Kansas City Chiefs’ and the San Francisco 49ers’ defenses really put up a fight! I remember watching the very first Super Bowl game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1967. (Yes, I’m old.) And I think I have watched all the games since then. 
 I’m no expert, but I do not remember one where the defenses dominated a game like this one. It was too bad it could not have remained a tie at the end of regulation. To me, it was one of those games where neither team deserved to lose. 
 Last week I was in a football game of sorts myself. It involved our daughter and the older grandson against the younger grandson and me. It didn’t quite get the same media coverage as the Super Bowl, but there was one spectator, Cathy, (although she refused to pay the admission charge). 
 The game was interesting to say the least. For some reason, the boys ended up doing the vast majority of the running. I don’t know if I communicated the play calls very well because my six-year-old runner/receiver tended to go off in entirely different directions. I nearly intercepted one pass, but instead it ended in a face plant. Maybe I should workout a bit more before continuing this football career. I was somewhat relieved when we were called to dinner. 
 In City business this week, with the warmer weather, the different departments are coming out of the winter maintenance mode.
 The water and wastewater departments are marking E. Commercial Street to show the location of all water and wastewater lines. Commercial Street will then be surveyed in anticipation of the coming rehabilitation. 
 West Ninth Street is also being marked for water and wastewater lines and will also be surveyed at the same time. Currently, the south end of West Ninth Street ends where it turns onto West Idaho Street. However, the right-of-way for West Ninth extends south across the railroad tracks to County Road 70. 
 The City is working on extending the water main from the south end of West Ninth to County Road 70 to complete a loop of the water main. Currently there is a dead end on the water main where the city limits end on County Road 70. Completing a loop allows access to water in the event of a break on one part of the line, water can come from the other direction. The water mains usually run through the middle of the road, hence the survey to determine exactly where the right of way exists. 
 I also wanted to let you know that there were nine bids that came in for the Indianhead/State Street walkway and sidewalk. Last summer we were unable to get even one bid. Now there were nine to contend with. The lowest bidder was chosen and awarded the contract. Although the $250,000 will not stretch as far as we had originally hoped, it will get us most of what we were after. 
 I mentioned that the project would be walkway and sidewalk. Along the golf course driving range, the walkway will be asphalt. There are three reasons for this. In order to place curb, gutter, and sidewalk along this stretch, a drainage system would need to be engineered and constructed. Doing so would take about half of the $250,000 grant. Also, if Indianhead Road were ever widened to meet the sidewalk, the level of the sidewalk would not be at the level needed to provide drainage for the road. So, the curb, gutter, and sidewalk would have to be torn out and replaced. In addition, the asphalt is much less expensive than concrete and allows us to stretch the project further. Therefore, an asphalt walkway seems to be the best solution to meet pedestrian safety needs while taking into consideration practical limitations. 
 One other item, the City’s Adopt-a-Truck program is in effect again. If you need to haul away yard work, spring cleaning, etc., just come down to City Hall at 55 W. Idaho St. and the clerks will be happy to schedule the next available truck.
 Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you are enjoying the early spring weather. Weiser really is a great place to live, work, and play!


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